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you are here because

i just happened to be passing by
i don't know why i'm here
of google
of waze
i'm lost…again
it's 3 am
the big surf brought me here
just another net entity passing by
help get me out of here
i'm trying to find my dog
i'm trying to find my pokedog
online dating gone awry
i ran out of webpages to visit
is this the very last page of the world wide web
it's raining outside
i just need a place to catch my breath
where's my mouse
where's my house
how's the weather on the web today
it's cold outside
it's blazing hot outside
i just want to talk to someone
looking for a job
looking for a friend
why are you asking this question
i don't have to answer you
you don't care
none of your business
is this your house
shhh…close the door
quiet…somebody's following me
pets are not allowed
no smoking zone
smoking zone
it's beautiful in here
i like it here
can i stay
i want to stay
i wanna buy a bitcoin
do you sell…
i want to sell you this
i want to show you this
do you know this person
do you know this net entity
thank god you're open
one cup of coffee please no sugar
who else is here

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